Event planner Heidelberg

Event planner Heidelberg

You have to celebrate life as it happens!

Whether you are planning your dream wedding or an exclusive private event, or you are looking for a teambuilding challenge in a business context:

We can do everything!

Over 10 years of expertise. 100% creativity. 100% passion and communication at eye level guarantee you 100% relaxed planning and unique celebrations that grow friendships and teams.

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International Children’s Day for Ukraine

Celebrate with us International Children’s Day with live music, a magic show, games, and much more. The event will take place at the Neckarwiese (Neuenheim, Heidelberg) near the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke from 3pm to 6pm.

You can purchase balloons for 5€ each, which will be donated to the Runnebaum Stiftung. Founder Dr. Hedwig Runnebaum will be attending the event as well. Her team of volunteers delivers medical products to Ukraine and brings back refugees to Germany.

The biodegradable balloons will be released into the air with a note that contains your wish on how to make the world a better place.

Celebrate Life

You have found Celebrate Life and we love the professional planning of extraordinary events, have over 10 years of experience, a large network of professional service partners and an inexhaustible amount of creativity, which you are welcome to utilize in any situation. Whether it’s finding the perfect event location, the dynamic schedule or the color and decoration concept.

Let’s go!

Anne-Katrin Schmülling

Once studied business administration in London, lived in France and Spain, worked as a radio presenter, married in Laos and still a curious globetrotter: That’s me! (extremely briefly summarized).

Although I now live in Heidelberg with my husband and two children and have thus settled down, in my heart, however, I travel with you around the world at every event:

Every culture and every nationality is welcome and an honor for me to integrate it into your celebration and represent it in a deserving spirit.

My focus is clearly on internationally oriented, well-traveled people who carry many nationalities within themselves and the whole world as a small photo album in their pocket.

Your celebration will be as diverse as you are, because only such a celebration shows who you really are.


You want nothing more than an unforgettable, never-before-seen party, simply a magical event with all your local and international friends, some of whom you haven’t seen in years, but who still have a permanent place in your heart …

What sweeps you off your feet emotionally will remain in your and your guests’ memory forever. And every shared memory is one more piece of friendship and trust that connects you with each other.

Private Events

You have decided to celebrate a unique celebration:
Your farewell, a milestone birthday, a celebration of life.

Business Events

Every team needs not only perfect business communication and clear rules, but always the personal touch, a running gag, an absurd situation that everyone can laugh about at the same time and a beer around the campfire.

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