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You have to celebrate life as it happens!

You have decided to celebrate a unique celebration:
Your farewell, a milestone birthday, a celebration of life.

To make you look forward to the event and your friends from all over the world with a tingle in your belly, we present you the perfect locations and a setting in which all your wishes and ideas will almost come true by themselves.

Birthday celebration

For children it is a matter of course to celebrate every birthday in a dignified way.

Do you do the same?

If the effort may seem too much, we take you by the hand, show you suitable locations, a band, a DJ, photographer and videographer right away and the menu we coordinate in advance with the caterer, so that you only have to exchange the lobster for oysters.

When do you want to celebrate?

Celebration of life

Life should be reason enough to celebrate it again and again in short intervals!

How often have you wished to finally gather all the friends you have made so far and have a gigantic party?

In a castle with a large park that invites you to lounge around, take leisurely walks, play boules and badminton, and have an unforgettable event with loud songs of your youth, a night of dancing and a hangover breakfast at a long table under shady trees that will remain in your memory forever.

Do you want to keep dreaming about it or may I invite you for a coffee to make the dream come true?


You are setting off for new shores: you are leaving your city after years and want to say a proper farewell to your dear friends:

With a celebration that gets under your skin, that takes up the farewell to the old and the anticipation of the new and remains forever in everyone’s memory and strengthens friendships.

We create with you a space that combines sadness and anticipation.

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