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irritate – motivate – celebrate

Every team needs not only perfect business communication and clear rules, but always the personal touch, a running gag, an absurd situation that everyone can laugh about at the same time and a beer around the campfire.

Teambuilding Events Heidelberg

Our motto is:

irritate – motivate – celebrate

We pull you out of your daily routine, transplant you to a place you’ve never been before, challenge you as a team so you can celebrate what you’ve accomplished together at the end.

It’s not a walk in the park, but the challenge is worth it for your entire team because you’ll be communicating with each other on a whole different level afterward.

What we mean by that?

Here are 3 examples!


We take you to a donkey stable: the donkey is your “customer”, whom you have to convince of yourself and your product (a walk through the Palatinate Forest). You will see: A donkey is a donkey!

Social engagement

In a refugee home, you will work in teams with the refugees to build new “places of well-being”, a kiosk, a basketball court and inaugurate everything together at a typical tea ceremony and a game.

Harvest & Cook

A cooking event is a great team builder. It gets even more exciting when everything is not ready-made, but has to be harvested for the start: Into the field. Sleeves up. Harvest the carrots, dig up the potatoes and get your hands dirty before you start chopping and seasoning with washed hands. A lot of work – great effect!

Shepherd’s Drive

How easy is it for a shepherd to drive his sheep from pasture to pasture? It goes by itself, because the sheep follow each other stupidly and stubbornly… one thinks. Drive a flock as a team and see how you work as a team. Laughter and exasperation are guaranteed.

Let’s roll up our sleeves together and develop your very own individual concept!

What carries you away emotionally will remain in the memory of you and your employees forever. And every shared memory is one more piece of trust that binds you together.

Business Eventlocations

Business locations must:

be the perfect starting point to first become irritated and surprised, i.e. awake and attentive (what kind of environment is this for a business event?!)


It must be a feel-good place that we can design to inspire creative exchanges, team building and wild outdoor actions.

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